Examples of published photography and writing, multimedia work from assignments as freelance media, work as an embedded correspondent, and documentary/photojournalism projects.

ABC Australia – On the frontline of Ukraine’s bloody war

ABC Australia – Why foreign fighters are flocking to Ukraine

ABC Australia – Five Australians free to return after fighting in Ukraine far-right ‘finishing school’ alongside Russian militia

Interpreter Mag – Don’t forget the 4,000,000 Ukrainians living through Russia’s war in the Donbass

Conflict News – The Grey Zone: Ukraine’s East

Kyiv Post – Bryce Wilson: Fogging the War

Conflict News – Winter Assault on Avdiivka fits ongoing Russian Strategy in Donbass invasion

PLGRM – Another Side of Paradise

PLGRM – The Human Impact of War

PLGRM – Frozen Lives, Not So Frozen Frontlines

Counihan Gallery/Moreland Council – Донбас (Donbas): Photography from Ukraine’s war-torn east

Counihan Gallery/Moreland Council – Moreland Summer Show: Noel Counihan Commemorative Award