Shooting CineStill 800 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I spent the beginning of 2017 travelling throughout Malaysia, equipped with only my Hasselblad and Olympus AF-1 Super. My Hasselblad was loaded with Portra 400, while the Olympus was shooting CineStill 800 and Portra 160.

CineStill is a motion picture cinema film, available for both standard 35mm cameras and the 120 format (Medium Format). CineStill is arguably one of the most unique analog consumer films available, offering incredible low light performance and Blade Runner-esque visuals at night.

My Olympus AF-1 allowed me to take fast photos whether inside or outside, at day or night, capturing moments and landscapes that caught my eye. CineStilll’s 800 ISO allowed plenty of range in shadowed areas without overexposing the majority of the frame.

It was an easy choice to leave my Canon 5D Mark III at home, which allowed me to spend less time deleting photos, or having to manage data while overseas (something I have experienced while on assignment in Ukraine’s east), and more time enjoying the time away, and privilege to travel.

When you are overseas be sure to focus on being present in the moment. Your camera may be a part of you and your adventure, but in my experience the goal should always be to focus on the new environment you’re exploring.

The collection of photographs below were taken in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and developed by Hillvale Photo in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Bryce Wilson is a photographer, filmmaker, and freelance photojournalist from Melbourne, Australia.