Bryce Wilson is a photographer, filmmaker, and freelance photojournalist from Melbourne, Australia.

Bryce’s work has been focused on the war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine’s east since 2015, and he was the first Australian journalist to embed with the Ukrainian army, and Ukrainian special forces during combat deployments.

Bryce has worked with the United Nations World Food Programme and Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Ukrainian humanitarian groups, and international NGOs, and presented live reports and correspondence on international television, and radio.

Bryce Wilson’s photography work and reportage from Ukraine has been seen on ABC Australia, ABC News Radio, Sky News, MSN, Conflict News, The Interpreter, Business Insider, PLGRM, The Daily Mail, BBC, and more, as well as in gallery exhibitions.

Examples of published photography and writing, multimedia work from assignments as freelance media, work as an embedded correspondent, and documentary/photojournalism projects.

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