Shooting Kodak Double-X (Eastman 5222) in Ukraine

Kodak Double-X (otherwise known as Eastman Double-X 5222) is a reliable black-and-white cinema film adapted to suit the 35 mm camera frame size. This film is considerably ‘rare’, and not commonly stocked.

I used this roll of Kodak Double-X during my last trip to Ukraine. Combined with my Leica M3 and Planar 50 f/2.0 I was able to shoot high-contrast scenes and portraits. I developed this roll of Kodak Double-X following my instructions in this blog.

Note that I pushed my film one stop (from 200 to 400), and the development time below reflects 400 speed, not 200. For 200 speed I recommend developing Kodak Double-X for 6:45.

ilm: Kodak Double-X (Eastman 5222) 400 ISO
Developer: Ilfosol 3
Time: 7:45 seconds (Slowly agitated for 60 seconds, then 10 seconds every minute)
Temperature: 20 C (68 F)
Stop: Water
Fixer: Ilford Rapid Fixer (Slowly agitated for 10 seconds every minute)
Wetting Agent: Ilford Ilfotol

Bryce Wilson is a photographer, filmmaker, and freelance photojournalist from Melbourne, Australia.