Update on Ukraine in 2022

I genuinely did not expect Ukraine would be invaded when I arrived here in late January, 2022. I spent most of the time prior to the invasion working in Donbas, with Stefan Weichert and Emil Filtenborg.

There was a noticeable change in the tension of the region in those final few days before Putin declared his ‘special operation’, and began bombing Kramatorsk only moments later.

I have been capturing footage and stills from Day One of my arrival into Ukraine to work on research and documentary projects. Stories I researched with Stefan and Emil will appear, too.

My next film will combine found-footage, my own work – from camera, streams, television appearances, etc., into one project. It will be a detailed look at the weeks and days that lead up to, and followed, Russia’s invasion.

I hope I will be able to share all of this footage – and this journey – with you all soon.